Saturday, August 28, 2010

Talleyrand Winery 2009 Harvest

The three weekend harvests of 2009 featured the three P''s  Picking,  Production and Parties, always a fun time at this tiny Lake Country Winery.

Some photos from the 2009 harvest:

Crushing grapes the European way. . we don't really do this.

Enthusiastic pickers toiling in the wonderful Lake County sunshine

Winery production is all about SUPERVISION!

De-stemming and crushing the 2009 Harvest on fine Italian equipment.

      And..  the best part of the day . . FOOD.  Enjoying wine and Lake County hors d'oeuvres on the Dali-Dona patio.

More food

And finally a beautiful sunset to finish the day.

And here's a winery experiment, being evaluated by Talleyrand the cat.  Hoping that some fabulous yeasts might be living right in our vineyard, we conducted a small test "natural" fermetation. Good thing for the Lallemand company in Montreal, Canada.

AND two 'side projects' in the Mt. Dali-Dona Vineyard:

Barbara's roses and Bill on the tractor.

and Bill's vineyard garden withcorn now pushing 9 feet.

We're looking forward now to the 2010 harvest with, we hope, many friends.